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from africa. and gaddafi walked in and welcome to "red eye." i'm greg gutfeld or as i am known in florida, the gainesville groper. let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. hi, andy. what's coming up on tonight's show, old sport some. >> coming up, why is mitt romney declining interviews with tv tabloids? why it has anything to do with the fact that he is, you know, running for, you know, president of the united states. and did a united states sthor fly to the -- senator fly to the dominican republic fly to have sex with prostitutes ? who care. the shocking answers straight ahead. i guess the shocking answer gives it away. greg? >> everything back to normal in your apartment? >> everything is good to go, greg, yes, thanks for asking. >> i was worried about the
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cat. >> i can hear the sincerity in your voice. it is dripping with sincerity. >> i know you had a problem with flooding. >> i had no flooding. we talked about this last night. everything was fine. i did not, i cannot stress this enough, i did not eat the cat. the cats are fine. i posted pictures of them holding little new york posts with today's date on them. i think it speaks for itself. >> we know those pictures were taken quite awhile ago with doctored newspapers just in case this disaster would arrive and you did eat your cats. >> it is today's "new york post" and i have pictures with president obama's long form birth certificate. >> in that case i stand corrected. buy my book. it is coming out in two weeks. let's welcome our guest or guests, plural. she is so hot she is mistaken for the summer. i am hair with harris faulkner. she anchors fox report.
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waive, waive again. oh god i love it when you waive. that's going on my waive blog. and he is funnier than a kazu made of clown fingers. fresh off the broadway version of "knight rider" joe derosa. he is one of the authors of the book "cheat." i wish they would tweet about it more often frankly, but that's selling copies. social network sucks. and in detroit he fits in a hub cab. it is bill schulz. and if hilarity was boxing gloves, many sweaty men would put their fists inside of him. sitting next to me, jim norton. "please be offended" is available and i urge you to order it immediately after this show. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> you know what i like about you? you have a special, buts you don't -- but you don't tweet about it. >> social networking is meant
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to entertain and bond with and not whore myself for money. >> if all of the other comedians would know that. >> like how a tv show is meant for news, but you use it to plug your book. >> good point. homerun derosa. >> let's do the first story, shall we? could you have a beau who supports ho? politically-minded singles would not consider anybody voting for, quote, the other guy, end quote. according to the "wall street journal", being a member of the opposite party trumps religious differences, unattractiveness, low education and your stinking job. explains one match maker, people now say i don't even want to meet anybody from the other party, even if it is somebody perfect in every other way. as for a couple who doesn't let politics get in the way.
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>> harris, i told you this would happen after gay marriage. all of a sudden cats and dogs giving each other massages. i have to tell you, the world is going to hell. we start with gays and now it is cats and dogs. >> did you notice the background noise? it was from the weather channel. it was like a wind econ decision going on there. >> i am trying to control this. something tells me in your dating world politics is not necessarily a priority. >> it is amazing that anybody would care. not only do i not care what political affiliation you have, half of the women i have slept with don't pass the gender test. >> that's beautiful. that's beautiful. you don't see gender, do you? >> not at all. i just see a tall lady with blonde hair and what could be an adam's apple.
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what do i know? >> so they are libertarians. >> so you don't see gender, but all they see is your wallet jie. and they see the door and i see the clinic. >> wow. that explains a lot from a guy whose book is called "happy ending." >> that's actually about the story of his life. >> have you seen the cover? >> we are trying to do news and not plug boo books. plug books. >> i am not plugging his book. >> joe, you haven't had a date in years so it has to be a tough segments for yourself. >> i agree with jim. i can't believe anybody cares. when you are trying to get laid -- >> wait a minute. this is about love. >> put it this way, anybody moron nick enough to put such an importance on political affiliation, it is no wonder they resort to on-line dating. it is ridiculous. >> one could argue that politics -- joe wrote a book called cheat because he has no moral backbone.
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what is wrong with taking into account poll i can its. poll -- politics may inform your decision later in life. >> why would this ever come up? it is on that list of things you are not supposed to talk about. you are supposed to keep it light and airy. you are supposed to have fun on that first date. your match making service is trying to get you together for that first meeting. this is funny to me. the one woman who hadn't had a date in awhile said, quote, i don't believe in obama care and government handouts. i want somebody who is a giver and not a taker. >> have i to read one quote. there is -- i have to read one quote. there was a liberal, a doctor and he is saying he won't date a republican. he said he writes erotic nonfiction. what is erotic nonfiction? he is a pervert. erotic fiction is when you make it up.
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erotic nonfiction means you write about stuff you are doing. he is just a dirty little man. >> it is called "happy endings." >> he is naked on the cover. >> bill, people want to date someone they have something in common with which is why you are often alone. >> i am often alone by choice. i am with the table on this one. the reason these people are pigeon holed and lonely. out of all of the things in life, politics has got to be like the 5% or 10%. there is just so much more to talk about and so much more to do. not to mention if you are dating in your 20s your politics is different in your 30s and 40s. god forbid you spend the rest of your life you dated only because of your politics in your 20s. it is ridiculous. >> it is perfect for a 21-year-old with stringent beliefs to meet up with somebody else with their stringent beliefs. it will be perfect. >> that sounds familiar. are you talking about anyone specific? >> i will say this.
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i dated liberal women in college at berkeley. that's all you did. sooner or later the stuff comes up. it comes up on the extreme edges of beliefs. it is not in the -- not in that little world -- >> and knot on a -- and not on a first date. >> no, over time. you live in a world where you overlap. she says, i can't believe you believe that. it is the stuff on the edges where they are hard core. if you are on occupy wall street or hard core vegans and you happen to be in an aryan youth gang which was a mistake at the time. >> i wouldn't date a guy who is not into a little junk tht trunk. you have seen me. i am kind of curvey. >> that's a human statement. >> so you are saying you will only date democrats. >> if i am trying to sleep with somebody i just lie about my politics. what do i care? >> who are you voting for? >> well who are you voting for? oh, me too. >> i bet you have been a
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vegetarian. i bet you have voted for ralph neighedder and part of the green party. >> i have been a black panther, it doesn't matter. whatever it takes. >> isn't that what you are looking for in a relationship too is -- >> somebody you can lie to? >> they say opposites attract and i think i know where you are going. is that a phrase? if you are spending your life with somebody you want somebody that will challenge you and you can have interesting discussions with and provocative discussions with. i don't want to meet a person just like me. that would be boring. >> guys wanted the same everything. >> what i want to know, joe, is do your beliefs and the beliefs of your talking car ever disagree? >> we are in the middle of a power crisis in new york. i am wearing what i have. >> you don't have any clothes ? >> i have been sleeping on bill's couch for five nights. >> and that's my coat, you jerk. >> how is that thig
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different? aren't you always on his couch? >> we have different political beliefs and we are getting along jus fine. >> is your apartment screwed up this. >> the power is out so i can't go back. >> and it is cold. >> you had nothing in your frige to begin with except for that severed head. >> have i no money or clothing. i am just trying to pass the blame on something else for a change besides my bank account. >> we should move on. >> greg, i would find anyone who has such a strong political ideology to be boring. you always know their opinions. >> that's interesting. >> anyone who is like i am committed to this, they stink. >> penn jaw let says if somebody gives you two political points of view and you can guess the third one, it is not worth listening to them. >> it depends on how they look. if they are double-d, i will give them 300. >> all right, from politics we are going to move up in the world to prostitutes. did he underpay after a roll in the hay? that's the allegation of
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prostitutes who said robert ma nen des paid for sex earlier this year. they tell "the daily caller" they were brought to a resort to have sex with the divorced senator who agreed to pay them $500, but after gave them a hundy which is short for $100. he is up for re-election and they will not answer question bets allegation with the spokeswoman saying, quote, we are not going to respond to a completely false allegations. yes, i had sex and it was not that great. speaking of getting service. >> okay. oh that feels good. come on. oh yes, that feels oh so good. oh man, great massage. >> feels good. yes. >> the odd thing about this is the goats paid him. >> that's the only odd thing about that? >> it is goat excrement.
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>> there was some on his shirt. >> you are not outraged somebody would employ a prostitute, but how about the allegation he underpaid them. sbt that the story about -- isn't that the story about breaking a contract? >> not only do i not dissaw prove, but i want to move to jersey and vote for them. his opponent is going to kill him. he is saying bob menendez, shipping jobs to the do minute ceb -- dominican republic. the secret service got in trouble for that. stop haggling with third world hookers. pay them what you said you would pay them. they have nothing to lose and you have a lot to lose. >> we don't have all of the facts. >> that hasn't stopped us from doing any stories. >> but if it did senator bob menendez, note to self, hookers are chaty. that's a problem. >> there is the phrase, hookers are chaty, i hear that all the time. >> i just said it. >> chaty hook hooker is a
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famous book. >> can you insert allegedly before everything i just said. joe, if it were not for prostitutes you would never know the soft touch of a woman or a man dressed as a woman. so go ahead and answer this question while employing a plug for your book. . >> this should be easy. >> listen, greg, in my book "cheat" we talk quite a bit about prostitution. and the roles. one of the roles is do not underpay them. i was shocked to hear this. i didn't even know menendez was out of prison after the homicide? >> different family. >> allegedly different family. >> it is a joke. you have to do it. >> we all sat there and thought, who -- is that -- no h's melendez. >> melendez and menendez. >> which one has been drinking? >> as a male prostitute, it is
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the under payment that is the real outrage here. however, you don't charge. >> i have been upgraded from hemephrodite to male. >> anybody concerned about the new jersey budget? this guy saved $300 on a prostitute. think what he can do for the state of new jersey. >> you know what i love, if you read the whole story we taped later so i could read the story. this was a quote from the prostitute about men nen des. >> he was nice at first, but didn't seem to care about my -- about me later. >> typical politician. >> usually when you frequent the prostitute you like them more after the sex act. >> you can tell that was a very leading interview. so you get the prostitute. and that was about it. 24r has to be more. >> i don't know there is nothing more. >> give me something more. >> he was a little less nice later of the. >> perfect. add that to the story. >> so he is a cold
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prostitute -- there are new reports that came out an hour ago that neighbors complained about sex in his apartment in dc. he is divorced. my only problem is he did say stuff about the secret service guys during the scandal. >> prostitution is not illegal down there. >> i believe it is legal, but andy will check that unless he is off getting a soda. >> i think we have a new government agency. >> word of advice. if you are the prostitute and you hand her money and she says, oh no, papi. dig back in your wallet. there is a problem. >> how did that go? >> oh no, papi. that means the price -- >> i know what it means. >> i have had a few of those. >> the secret service is a great point. if you go with prostitutes that's your business. if he is being a hipocrite i am glad he is being exposed.
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>> they are the real heros. >> hookers are chaty. >> i like i say in my book, do as i say, not as i do. >> which book? >> the book i am working on. >> you have a book, bill? >> it is a pamphlet. >> i have a book. "joy of hate" go on my book tour, it is november 28th. >> you look pretty. who did your hair? my pierce brosnan pout. >> you are wearing the same thing as you are on the cover. >> no, please. you people should be more supportive. >> you look devilish. >> i like the hair. >> look at that. i can't even get a good cam pro angle. >> i just want to know how many times he will plug it. >> i am going on a bus tour. i am starting in florida. i am going to the villages. >> ♪ the villages >> yes. we will do a live remote from the villages. that's going to be amazing.
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nobody cares. coming up, does a little kindness go a long way? jim norton discusses his new book, a little bit of kindness goes a long way. first, a new "star wars" in 2015. i just hope they get somebody hots to play captain irk c. kirk.
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should you make a little bread if your child beats the spread? cops in florida have arrested nine men in connection with a massive pee wee football gambling ring. is there any other kind? it began after surveillance video caught parents exchanging money in the stands during their kids' games. apparently coaches met before kickoff to set the point spread. they were not encouraged to throw the games though. why is everything in broward
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county? that's where "cops" started. they say it was started by greedy parents and grown-ups and coaches who were nothing more than criminals. at least those pawns are getting exercise. all greg junior does is stay in and watch dvd's on his laptop. >> he acts like he is not looking at kiddie porn -- kitty porn, but he is. >> i think steroids should be used to really pump up these boring little pee wee games. >> that is a good point. a lot of parents don't like going to the games because they are horribly bore. the -- boring. they are not good at sports. perhaps this makes it more interesting. >> juice it up a little bit.
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prepare them for real life. >> make it worth something. you are a mother. >> i feel quite differently about this. i don't mean to make it so sober, but most of these children were from impoverished areas. >> now i feel bad. why to make us feel bad. 22 clubs and 6,000 kids and nobody did a criminal background check on these guys? >> good point. it makes it worse because the kids were poor. >> it makes it worse because they were being taken advantage of and these parents needed the money. >> it the bets are done it is not like an organization, and it is between people. >> the coaches of the kids had massive backgrounds. >> you convinced me it is a bad thing. jim is going to hell. >> i don't think it is bad. this is hardly the worst thing. >> jerry sandusky is what you are thinking.
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>> is this that big of a deal? they are betting on a game. is it any worse than playing poker in your basement with some buddies? >> the cars are not children. >> they are not injecting them with steroids and forcing them into this sideline. >> we need to think is it lighthearted or -- >> well think about this. how many times have you seen the parent of one of these kids go apocalyptic over an eight-year-old got five yards or ten yards and foaming at the mouth and kicked out for the rest of the season. can you imagine how he would behave if he had a grand on the game? not good. >> well, i don't know -- >> no, you don't know. you don't have kids. if i was betting on their game, crap would hit the fan. >> i don't have kids and if i
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did you dedicate your lives. you trade 90% of your freedom and fun time and joy to sustain the livlihood of those kids. >> i am going home. i just found out i am a terrible parents. >> you have to be there every damn saturday. >> let me ask this person who is the only expert in parenting. jim, do you agree? this is a very depressing way of looking at life. apparently joe doesn't care. >> you give 90% of your life to these kids and that's where the future is. good point. >> wrap this up with a strong moral message. and try to ignore larry from the reg gel beagle over here. >> he is spiting up his water. >> it is like a dick van dyke
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scene. >> i wish i knew his whole name. >> his real name was larry klein. >> i'm sorry. you made a good point. you made me rethink this whole thing. >> i didn't mean to make you feel guilty. as a parent who probably doesn't meet the standards of joe -- >> if you didn't want to do this, that's fine. i don't think it needs to be a scandal that has happened. i don't think there needs to be an outcry like, oh my god. >> a lot them do have criminal backgrounds. but this is the way that some guys that have assorted backgrounds. >> what is the name of your book? >> it is called give criminals another chance. >> have you lost weight? >> i was hoping somebody would notice. >> i am looking over here while trying to pretend to care about joe and you have
12:26 am
lost about 20 pounds. >> just in the jim every day. you know how it is, kettle bells. >> kettle bells? >> there is only so many times you can look down at yourself with utters and say something has to change. >> i want to see you at the beach with the swim trunks above your belly button and 3ing a -- and throwing it. you threw me a softball and i swung and the bat flew out of my hand. >> you know what we are going to do? take a break. if you have a video of your animal doing something, go to fox eye and click on submit a video. we might use it. still to come, the half time report from andy levy. he eats cats. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by peanuts.
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the oily seeds with thin shells that grow on the ground and are a source of vegetable oil. thanks, peanuts.
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we are back. let's find out if we got anything wrong so far. for that we go to andy levy. hi, andy. >> how are you? >> doing great. >> i'm a little achy. >> achy breaky?
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>> i think i am getting sick. >> i think about my bus. >> it is so much better now. >> why don't you hop in and go for a ride? >> are you not uh you lo -- not allowed to say that to kids anymore. greg you talked about the liberal guy quoted in the story. he says he writes erotic nonfiction and you asked what that is. that's penthouse forum, right? >> basically. basically he is writing about what he does. >> basically he has a lot of days where he can't believe smpped has been to him. >> and it usually washes a car with a girl wearing cutoffs. >> it begins and ends with getting the pizza. >> it begins and ends with him ordering a pizza and going to the hospital and have cheese.
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>> it begins with him ordering the pizza and ends with him eating the pizza. >> anybody else want to chime in ? there are a couple of cameramen. anybody else? >> sorry, are we cut nooght plugging your book time? >> i can't believe. >> guys, we are taking andy from twitterment. >> no, he is tweeting under the desk. >> no, that's something else. >> oh my goodness gracious. >> bill, you said if you are in your 20s your politics will be different later in life. but you don't know that in your 20s. you think you know everything. >> kids today. >> i don't like them unless i am dating them. >> wish it was the old days. >> that was the time. >> it was a time different from now. >> it it was an older time.
12:33 am
>> it was a time not as old as the time we are in. >> harris, i agree this is mostly stupid, but if you are a hard core social conservative or hard core aclu liberal, your value systems might be different. i can see that. >> that is something you want to match up. but again, you are getting together on a first date to match people who put you together. i don't think the heavy talk comes up. you want your value system and i can see that too. >> joe, i agree that it is great what you talked about how it is good for people to be around others who don't agree with them. i feel like a lot of people don't want to feel that. >> i agree with that and that speaks to the dating website culture where people don't want to get to know you and explore you as a person. they want to bullet point
12:34 am
forum. it is problematic. >> is this why people cheat? >> you know what, greg -- or andy, it is like people cheat. there is an interesting book called "happy endings." >> i was wondering during the storm how was your electronic store in time square? >> is that an arab joke? >> i never uh supered they were arabs. >> that was an egyptian joke. >> it was a jacket joke. >> i know it came from a market in cairo, but that's besides the point. >> it doesn't mean i am selling stereos three times their worth. >> i stand corrected. >> menendez. jim, you said stop haggling with world class hookers because you have a lot to lose and he has a lot to lose.
12:35 am
>> the title of the book is just "stop" and then the line under it. >> who moved it forward? >> i did. i credited somebody else. look, i have been to brazil, i have gotten prostitutes there. it is true. if you are going to do that and you have something to lose by them blabbing, it is a dummy if you are being cheap. if you are going to cheat a hooker out of $400 you are a creep to begin with. >> and hookers are chaty. >> i don't care he the sex with hookers in paris. it is legal down there. the thing is it is not legal here and people frown on it it opens him up to blackmail. >> they are protecting the
12:36 am
president. i think the biggest problem was that he was shipping american jobs off seas. >> there is a possibility that viewers came in after your joke. >> i had a homerun before. >> it was really funny. >> we did it during the commercial. >> he criticized the secret service and he did the same thing. >> allegedly. we don't know all of the facts. >> absolutely. >> to the tom line it -- is let's say it together, hookers are chat tee. >> when does tay mean. >> if you didn't get a hooker i would say that's preposterous, i didn't get a hooker. >> i am uh excused of --
12:37 am
>> to be fair you were lying. >> wow, that was tricky. but noib ever -- nobody ever says no comment. >> he didn't say it. his spokesperson said it. >> if somebody came up to you and said did you have sex with a chimpanzee, no comment. >> just say no we didn't. >> we won't answer those allegations. we won't say no to field prostitution. >> great point by repeating his. >> when are we going to say stop third world. is it really third world anymore? >> i don't know what that means. >> either i do i.
12:38 am
>> you mentioned new reports about menendez's neighbors complaining he has loud sex with different women. this is the most disturbing part of the story. it is a quote from a neighborhood who, quote, they usually went by and he would have jazz on. it is disturbing. i told you it works, andy. >> i am not saying like that. >> i wonder what inned could of jazz it is. is it miles davis? >> no, there is no way. miles davis would be cool. >> like jazz confusion. >> we should point, the election is trying to get re-elected smed smed -- re-elected. why don't you just say no, no, no. >> no, no comment! i have no
12:39 am
comment. >> i want to address that with an answer. >> why not just deny it? >> you no longer needs a corrupt congressman. >> i refuse to rye move the ... >> why keep the question open. >> i don't agree. >> let me move to the last story i want to clear up some stuff. if the bets are made between individuals it is fine. in this case this guy who is not from belle-biv-devot. and some of the others is making a profit. >> you have to gamble somewhere. >> they bet you a hundred
12:40 am
bucks. this is actually -- this what a systematic business. it was a gambling ring. >> the great thing about "red eye" even the host can learn something. generally we suck knowledge out of. >> i am swollen with truth. and other things. >> joe you brought up maybe it is not a bad thing that they had criminal charge. didn't they blow that chance? >> a lot of these guys get out of prison. nobody wants to give them a shot. what are they supposed to do? joy i agree. but they are not supposed to run an illegal gambling ring. >> that's why they have been convicted before. joy gambling is a victimless
12:41 am
crime. except for those who get their legs broken. it is a victimless crime. >> but if you are a convicted fellow. that's my lesson. back to you. >> that was sin tau lating and that means itchy. i told the doctor i had the rash. >> thank you, andy. fie finally getting around to sun bathing. i meant to send it and haven't had the time. >> why is new york still hosting the marathon. we report and you stay inside.
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should they run after what sandy has done? the new york city marathon will continue as planned even though some are calling for it to be canceled or postponed. critics argue the thousands of
12:45 am
volunteers who work the event could be helping the city recurve from the storm. also as an on-line paw -- petition, love those, police should not be termed -- you know what we should do? let's discuss this in the -- >> lightning rooooouuuunnnddd of the lightning round. >> jim, you are quite the athlete. >> so i am told. >> why do we even need the marathon -- ever? what does it disturb? >> i ran the mare marathon in 1993. >> no you didn't. >> in 1993 you ate a marathon bar. >> no, i think it is silly. bloomburg says it keeps them sim law lated. >> nothing to see here, folks,
12:46 am
move right along. i have nothing. >> you raised a point. what are the small businesses some? >> >> marathon shoes and picture. >> they have one day where they make a profit. joe, will there ever be a story where we call great call mayor bloomburg. >> jng this is a nice -- >> you reanswered the question. >> i went for the dumb joke first. >> i can see it bouncing back. if they don't this, the hurricane winds win. >> that's a good point. maybe i didn't look at it hard enough. why not postpone until the spring? why not the halloween on sunday. >> i have a problem with it starting on staten island. if there was a way to reroute it i will feel full hearted about it.
12:47 am
the other thing is how resilient . we are special, special people in this nation. i was walking around today past rock rockefeller plaza and snapped a picture. mostly locals today. proving that we have the ability to ?ab back after this thing. the marathon is symbolic. we can't start it on staten island. >> it would be better than the halloween parade, greg. i don't think -- it is really the bounce back. >> that is a little more new york than nerk. the halloween party -- the halloween parade is far more new york than a bunch of people doing running. i'm sorry. people love to catch countries. >> the marathon -- >> the world gets to see the city. >> let's have sex in the
12:48 am
street after the show. >> there is no taurus at the halloween parade. they run away screaming. it is people who are not new yorkers and they warn here for their hurricane. i also get the fact that we president don't want the hurricane to win. i get how it is symbolic. all of these businesses we want to save, they are dirt. they are done. subway systems half of the bridges are down. it is a terrible time to think about the black bag. >> what we need is drugs and a halloween party. >> i have to move on. the halloween party and running are selfish activities. wut one is the -- one is the fun one. i don't even know if they want to work on the marathon.
12:49 am
>> we are going to take a break. i don't want to put words in their mouth. i want put words in my own mouth of the
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last topic, the walt disney company says it plans to make new "star wars" films, whatever they are.
12:53 am
the president of lucas fill sold for over $tiff,000. -- $5,000". a new trilogy will take over in 2017. they plan to released new movies every two to three years with a cat as a creative consultant. is there anybody at this table who cares about "star wars"? joe, you care, right? >> a lot. >> what is the reaction about this news from the lonely room you inhabit. >> i call that room the death star first of all. >> how long is this show? >> "star wars" -- "star wars" was like my beatles growing up. it meant more artistically and entertainment wise than anything meant. it is amazing. lucas said years ago, i am done. you are not getting anymore. some of the prequel stuff was
12:54 am
lack luster. >> a little? >> we thought it was over. he wasn't going to let anyone else run the empire. now he has given the empire to disney who did an amazing job -- >> you say like it was real. >> he handed it over to disney. disney dw -- did an amazing job the avengers and ironman. it will have the "star wars" feel, but it will be awesome. it is like the original beatles lineup getting back together to me. >> how about this, how about we just let it go? >> i like vintage "star wars." >> first two movies were gad. anything after that was irritating. how about we go, those were fun movies. move on. >> you don't see me harping for more "clockwork orange." coo-coo's nest sequel! >> if the guy owns all of the
12:55 am
ozzy osbourne albums you should understand. >> enough of this -- >> the two of you together is like birth control. a room full of women. >> i love the first two. >> we don't need new energy. >> i would like to see that. >> how many of these movies do we need? there has been six. >> this is proof that the adult age has changed from 25 to 45. "star wars," the boarding school years. >> number one question in the green room. i have this new band you need to check out. it is the same thing. it is the same thing.
12:56 am
>> i will say the way you are about "star wars" i am about dick morris books. i have them all and i have posters of dick morris all over my tiny abode. the things i do in that room. i have to go. we will close things out with the post game wrap up with andy levy.
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back to andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> what do you have? >> i will be performing in addison, texas where i am explaining on you chewbaca started on "land of the lost." >> election night, another place to tune in, fox will have a live chat going. we will be on the mic and, luke, i am your father. >> excellent. joe, what is going on? >> what are we waiting for? available now. you

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